Vox Populi

Limerick City, County Limerick

Vox populi are the staple of an interplanetary diet! Currently consisting of Aaron Duff (guitars), Keefe Murphy (bass) and Barry O' Halloran (drums).

They are a loud, noisy, experimental, psychedelic, progressive, young, attractive, single, instrumental 3-piece from Limerick City, Ireland.

Vox Populi are undefinable. They've courted pigeon holes like 'Krautrock' and 'ye olde psychedelic Krautrock', but then upped and done the dirt on them. They combine 2 apocalyptic basses with big brother drums, fiery phoenix guitars, and tornado Theremins. Their live performances can descend, or ascend depending on your inclinations, into heady heights of insanity, healing the tribe and providing vision and abandon going forward.

"These Limerick local young lads decided not to form a Blink 182 tribute band or emulate their idols in Green Day like seemingly every other young band in the bloody city but instead decided to form their own twist on ye olde noisy psychedelic Kraut rock.. Superb stuff" (Limerick independent).

"Shit-hot new (melodic) Irish Krautrockers...I'm still taking offers on my Nana for the full exchange of these tunes!"
- 'off her rocker' blog (Hotpress).

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