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Last Orders

Alternative // Carlow, Carlow

Proudly emerging from Ireland’s thirteenth largest urban centre are Last Orders. Having spent the last two years in the studio recording, producing, mixing and mastering their own music, their diverse sound and experimental recording techniques have made the Carlow outfit one of Ireland’s most fascinating projects. Now ready to bring their sound from the studio to the stage, Last Orders have released The World parallel to announcing their first live show in Whelan’s, Dublin.

With the songwriting talents of Dillon Cotter, inspired by musicians such as Ben Howard, Newton Faulkner and Tommy Emmanuel and featuring the percussion and technical genius of Ryan O’Neill, the duo have self-produced a collection of songs that range in comparison from Billie Eilish to Toto. Treating every sound at their disposal like it belongs in their music, their recording process, although long, is precise, experimental and extraordinary. With their latest single The World featuring thirty-six individual recorded tracks, the extent of the Last Orders studio project is incredibly impressive for two self-producing 21-year-olds. Recently adding cellist Zara Finn to their line up for live performances, Last Orders are continually investigating their sound, never content with more of the same.

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