White Roads

Blanchardstown, County Dublin

W H † T E R O Δ D S

“Push a stick into the beehive and rustle up some bees.” – John Connolly

This short quote is a close analogy to how WHITE ROADS, a 5 Piece band from Dublin want to shake up the current Irish Music Scene and beyond...

• Coming out of their own Hives (Dan’s Shed) after forming in late 2011, it would be their first Official Gig in February 2012 at the band’s local watering hole, Captain Americas Blanchardstown, which would define one of Dublin’s most exciting new bands.

• From there on in, this initial spark continued throughout the year and saw the band progress, playing alongside some of their much loved Irish peers including Attic Walls, Gypsies on the Autobahn and The Hot Sprockets. By early 2013 the band’s personnel changed slightly and so saw the arrival and welcome addition of its newest members Dave O’ Neill (Keys) and Eoin Byrne (Bass / Backing Vocals).

• The band’s desire to develop and effortlessness in entertaining crowds have seen them play at some of Dublin’s most respected venues over the past few months including, The Bell, Fibber Magees, The Mercantile and Whelan’s. One of the band’s most notable Gigs this year (2013) was their Headline Slot at Dublin’s Open Air Music Festival “Spring Break”.

WHITE ROADS have an overwhelming desire to succeed and triumph, they want people to stand up and notice, they want people to listen, they want to create and build a long lasting buzz which sets them apart from any other band out there!

Dan Conroy Δ (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar)
Tom Heery Δ (Lead Guitar)
Jamie Kilduff Δ (Drums / Vocals)
Dave O Neill Δ (Keys)
Eoin Byrne Δ (Bass / Backing Vocals)

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