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Alternative // Dublin, Dublin

Whitetrash is a Dublin-based soul that can be immediately defined by his thunderous, gritty vocal that will passionately guide you through the dusty road-worn stories of his travels. Complemented by the nail-grit sound of Americana/Folk/Country/Blues supplemented by his Spearheaded Sparraw Hawks. Wherever he roams, the Sparraw Hawks are never far behind!

Settling down in the Dublin music circuit, Whitetrash has spread his story at numerous venues. In 2015 alone, he has performed venues such as Whelans (including the Blues, Roots & Brass Festival in 2015), The Sweeney Mongrel, Sin É, and a highly successful tour of Germany in June (venues in Wetzlar, Worms, Frankfurt). He has also performed festivals such as Life and KnockanStockan to a rapturous response.

Citing the likes of Tom Waits, Howlin' Wolf, Johnny Cash, and Neil Young as paramount influences, Whitetrash vagabonds through the Dublin music scene putting his devotion to the American Dream on display in the form of a spectacle that will not want to be missed!

Their new EP "Tramp" was released on the 7th April 2016, and is available on Bandcamp now!