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Wicker Bones

Folk // Dublin, Dublin

Wicker Bones latest single titled Ceannt Fort is the result of 2 years work and teases some of the new material to be found on their upcoming debut LP, scheduled for release later this year. It demonstrates an exciting new shift in the bands musical direction. Absorbing, swelling soundscapes, intense melodies and compelling lyrics hint at an album from a band very much at their creative peak.

Ceannt Fort Single (due for release August 2014)

1 – Roundelay
Roundelay is a poem written in 1976 by the Irish poet, novelist and playwright Samuel Beckett (1906 – 1989). The poem evokes images of a lone walker strolling along a strand and as the name suggests is in a circular form. The poem was put to music by Dylan Curran.

2 – Ceannt Fort Link
Following Roundelay there is a short transition based on a repeated chord progression
written by Dylan Curran. The piece develops a melodic motif heard in the vocals of Roundelay which is also heard as a variation in the guitar part of the following song.

3 – Ceannt Fort
Ceannt Fort is the name of a picturesque housing estate in Dublin city beside St. James' Hospital. It was written by Bryan Dunphy whose mother grew up in the area and combines nostalgic imagery with the perceived timelessness of the place. The instrumental arrangement was written by Dylan Curran

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