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Winter Aid

Alternative // Dun Laoghaire, Kerry // he/him

As Winter Aid, Irish singer/songwriter Shane Culloty crafts gorgeously delicate indie-folk hymns—like his 2013 calling-card single, “The Wisp Sings”—that veer between irreverent home-recording experimentation and dramatic wide-screened grandeur.

He has released three EPs and one album, 2017's "The Murmur of the Land".

The Wisp Sings EP is anchored by its title-track single; a song whose sustainability and longevity is both a testament to its quality and ability to connect with people worldwide, and a source of surprise to its creator. Since its release in 2013, the track has garnered well over 300 million streams across all platforms, working its way onto daytime television segments, into documentaries on BBC and RTE, dramas on HBO and Prime, and soundtracking an ad that ran during the 2022 Oscars broadcast. In November 2023, Winter Aid revisited The Wisp Sings with a long-awaited vinyl release and extended digital edition.

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