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Hip Hop // Kilshanny, Limerick // He/him

The story of Willzee is the story of rising from adversity, struggle and hardship.
Wilzee’s rap is a gritty take on the issues faced by members of the travelling community. His music is informed by global issues such as climate change, local issues like the scourge of hard-drugs as well as the personal issues he has encountered in his tumultuous life.
Willzee‘s first official appearance was as the lead actor in the music video of fellow label artist delush’s single ‚It’s Alright‘. Willzee also channels his talents into spoken word and script writing. He won the 2019 Virgin Media Discovers Short Film Competition with his script for the film ‘Innocent Boy’ which premiered at the Dublin International Film Festival in February 2020.
His first full length album Kuti’Gris (Gammon for piece of the heart), (released on April 29th of last year) consists of 11 tracks each one representing a piece of heart lost or found. Inspired by the raw and expressive UK rappers such as Mic Righteous, with whom he finished writing a track and by local artists, is a gritty, world aware recollection of a fascinating life urging a different course for communities in need of care, locally and worldwide.
Due to his incredible talent and mission to inspire others, Willzee won the Music, Arts and Culture Award in the Irish Traveller pride awards 2022.
2023 is set to be a another big year for the rapper, kicking it off with the release of his debut single ‘Two Friends’ Featuring renowned Limerick rappers Jayne and Hazey Haze.

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