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Lime Tree

Alternative // Dublin , Dublin // They/Them

Lime Tree, a dynamic three-piece alternative-indie band from North Dublin, are renowned for their energetic stage presence and infectious melodies. Formed in mid-2021, they quickly made their mark, selling out headline shows at Dublin's favourite grassroots venues, including Whelan's Upstairs, The Workman's Cellar and Main Room, The Grand Social, The Racket Space and most recently, Whelan’s ‘ones to watch 2024.’

Lime Tree is the collaborative project of Dublin songwriters Jake Murray, Jamie Dalton, and Jamie O’Rourke. Despite being in different school years, the trio first crossed paths at St. Paul’s Secondary School in Raheny.

 Their eagerly awaited EP, 'Sunlight,' was released on January 26th, 2024, marking a defining chapter in Lime Tree's sonic evolution. The infusion of soulful saxophone melodies and poignant lyrics propels their artistry to new heights, promising a unique and heartfelt experience for every listener. Recognized as fan favorites, tracks like 'Someone Else' and 'Sunlight' have already left an indelible mark on Dublin audiences, solidifying Lime Tree as a must-see live act. Their captivating performances extend beyond the stage, creating an atmosphere of connection between them and their ever-growing fanbase. Lime Tree guarantees an unforgettable live experience and pledges a continuous stream of compelling music for future events.

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