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Electronica // Dublin / Louth, Louth

A sonic explosion of danceable beats, heavy guitars, and fist bumping hooks that pull you in. Makings have been setting the world alight with a string of scintillating releases and the kind of tireless work ethic that elevates them above a good many of their peers. In short, this juggernaut of a band   have the tunes, the attitude, and that ever-elusive it factor. A group that not only survived during the pandemic, they thrived. Over the last 2 years they released a staggering 14 singles and set fire to every live stream they appeared on.  With legacy defining pre-pandemic performances at Oakfest, Transmission, Whelan’s Ones To Watch, Vantastival and Youbloom @ Bloom In The Park and with German and multiple UK tours already under their belt, Makings are practically salivating at the thought of hitting the road again this summer. 

Upcoming Gigs

26th December 2022 20:00 Makings @ The Balor Arts Centre More details