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michelle Gahan

Country // Dublin, Dublin

Singer songwriter (folk/country) with backround in classical, traditional and choral music. Learned to sing

in a group as a child, including harmony. Learned different instruments and developed a love of singing

and songs and poetry. Started composing accompaniment for songs and take opportunities to learn.

Interest in accompaniment and improvisation and composing melody and harmony. Have had many

encouraging teachers along the way. Debut single ' Just let you go today' has received radio play in the

UK and Ireland.

The single 'Kerry place of peace' ( My Keryy Place of peace) was released on January 31th 2022 to the major streaming platforms. Working on an EP 'The Journey of my Song' with producer Martin Quinn.

Playing piano at Citywest vaccination centre.
Big Blue Moon' for Singer songwriter Darren Flynn.

Composing and studying songwriting independently.

Member of the songwriters Collective, Dublin and Music Makers.

Practicing with a new band of fellow passionate musicians.

Sang with piano and guitar for 'The Big Busk' at Heuston station on 11/03/22.

Songs have had radio play at Phoenix fm, Dublin city Radio, Dublin South fm, Radio Kerry, Global Irish Radio, as well as in the UK and Australia.

Has been interviewed by Dublin Radio stations, Phoenix fm and Dublin South fm. about her music career.

Attended 'The Belfast Nashville Songwriters festival' in March 2022 where songwriters share their songs in a Songwriters group and concerts can be attended.

Invited to sing at kFest 2022 in Killorglin Co. Kerry.

Providing music at some masses in local community.
'As time goes by' released 02 May 2022.

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